Q&A with Saeed Ferguson of ALL CAPS STUDIO

We sat down for a Q&A with Saeed Ferguson of ALL CAPS STUDIO, this year’s HANDMADE curator, to learn more about his creative process, inspirations, and first memories with art. ALL CAPS STUDIO  is a brand and design house focused on the mediums of photography and graphic design based in South Philadelphia.


Q: What inspires you?

A: My friends and family truly! Being around good energy and love is the most inspiring to me! It makes me feel free and think anything is possible.

Q: Tell us about your creative process.

A: It starts with a bit of a research phase, thinking about what images and feeling the design is going to have, and then from there playing around with those assets to make something that feels right to me. Then, I begin placing those ideas on to their respective templates, i.e. placing t-shirt graphics on a vectorized t-shirt.

Q: What is your first memory of an art class?

A: The earliest memory is from 1st grade. The memory is a bit fuzzy, but I remember a few times a week we would work on various on-going projects  using paper and glue to create different things. We used to have to create drawings using crayons and colored pencils a lot, and I remember tracing my hand to create a turkey hahahahaha, I would do that a lot for some reason!

Q: If you were an art tool what would you be?

A: Paper

Q: What is an art medium you would like to better explore?

A: Either video or learning a 3D modeling software like Blender. I think seeing things in 3D digitally is so cool, and I would love to learn more about that and create some things in that space.

Q: How do you think art positively impacts our community?

A: Art has the chance to both inspire the community and to bring the community together. Both are very powerful and can positively change how people think and live their lives, which then affects community.

Q: What keeps you motivated to keep creating?

A: The process of having an idea and seeing it come to life is one of the best feelings in the world, that alone keeps me going. Our community and the support we get is also amazing. We get to connect with some many people who are likeminded and creating is a part of the conversation we have with them, it’s like we’re hanging out through creation.

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