Carol Stirton-Broad

Carol Stirton-Broad has taught ceramic tile and mosaic workshops at Fleisher for many years. After earning a BFA from Tyler School of Art she traveled extensively, studying the techniques and history of mosaics and tile making. Philadelphia’s Magic Garden, the Andamento Studio and Gallery, Abington Art Center, Ariana Gallery, Fleisher, Main Line Art Center, and the Philadelphia Art Alliance are among the venues who have exhibited her work.

Of her teaching philosophy, Carol says, “I believe that art is as important a form of communication as the spoken or written word. Sometimes the visual arts are the only way that the verbally inexpressible can be conveyed. All of us can be enriched both by a better understanding of—and a greater freedom to create—art. In my classes I try to offer new skills, the freedom both to succeed and to fail, and an environment of trust and support. I am delighted by artistic rule breakers of all ages.”