Developing News: Color Photography in the Darkroom

There are countless photographers and camera enthusiasts who honed their skills in Fleisher’s darkroom and thousands of stunning photographs have been shown in our student exhibitions. Anyone familiar with our darkroom practice knows that we’ve only offered black and white photography. We’re excited to announce that, with the guidance of faculty member Ahmed Salvador, we’ve introduced traditional color darkroom techniques to our offerings.

Join Ahmed this summer for his Darkroom: Color Photography workshop and master the disappearing art of developing and printing color film. If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to photography rather than just pressing a button on your smartphone, this class is for you. In this four-week course, you will develop 35mm or medium format negatives, and print enlargements in a darkroom using similar color chemistry to the ones used in your local mom and pop FotoMat. Get that funky 1970’s and 80’s look in your 8″ by 10″ or 11″ by 14″ sized prints. All you need is a basic working knowledge of 35mm and medium format film cameras.

Ahmed’s workshop runs on Monday evenings, July 6 to 27. Learn more and register today.

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